Extreme Dance Arts

Making the Choice


Choosing the right dance studio from the beginning is very important. Once enrolled at a studio it is hard to leave because friendships are made and comfort sets in. That is why it is best to research and choose a studio that you can be happy with from now until your child's graduation day!

Why Choose Extreme Dance

* Qualified Adult Instructors- No students teaching students

* Up to date instruction and choreography

* No repeating dances year after year

* Friendly and helpful office staff

* 5 large dance rooms

* Full length mirrors for better correction (no mirrors for preschool)

* Viewing windows in all dance rooms

* Nice size waiting areas

* Full recreational and competitive programs

* Fundraising options available to benefit you personally

* Seamstress for costume alterations at no cost to you

* Free show themed T-shirt for all performers

* Professional copy of the show for all families

 * Sibling Discount and Multiple class discounts

 * Large fully paved parking lot

* Age appropriate music, moves and costumes

* Annual Bring a Friend to Dance Week