Extreme Dance Arts

Creative Movement and Tap

3.5-4 year olds

In this class students work on basic ballet technique at the barre and in the center. They learn movements through imagination with fun music and games. In tap they work on rhythm and basic tap technique.

Class is 1 hour

 Creative Movement

2-3.5 year olds

This class works on basic technique through imagination, fun music and games!!

Class is 30 mins


2-4 year olds

This is an upbeat super fun class for your energetic toddler! Your little one will learn big movements and personality to fun Disney like music!

Class is 30 mins

Preschool Program


Starting your toddler off with a strong foundation in dance from the beginning is very important. Dance is a great physical activity to keep your little one active! It helps with flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and stamina while promoting overall physical fitness.

Dance is also beneficial mentally for your little one as it builds self esteem and confidence. Toddlers learn to express their emotions through music and movement.

Extreme Dance Arts has the top preschool program in the area. We are also home to Tot-Hop, the only toddler hip hop class around. Our preschool students learn technique through fun and imagination. They are challenged weekly and progress very quickly.